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No Longer Homeless

Hi, my name is Tanaya Sanford and I am writing to tell you about my experience at the Columbia Life Network office.

Well, being a client at Columbia Life Network office they help me a lot. When I didn’t have enough money until I got paid they help me with bus passes to get to work.

If it wasn’t for them I would have lost my job. When I needed help to fill out welfare papers for food stamps and insurance they helped fill it out, fax it and all.

Then when I became homeless I was able to come in to use the computers to look for houses, jobs and anything else I needed the computers for.

They also helped me when I lost my ID, social security card and birth certificate. They helped me get out to the resources that help me get those things because I wasn’t able to get a job or place to live without them.

Then Jamie helped me apply for nursing school at HACC. Then after they helped me get housing, food stamps a day when I ran out of food and had to wait for my food stamps card to come in they reached out to someone who helped me get a $20 gift card to Musser’s.

Every time I go in here they always give me information on food banks, clothing bank, food giveaways.

Tanaya Sanford

Full Recovery

In July Rebecca came to Columbia Life Network barely able to walk due to a very swollen left knee. She was struggling with mobility and to take care of her 10 year old daughter Blessings.

Not having a family member or friend to watch Blessings made it hard to schedule a doctor appointment, a problem made even harder due to not having her own car.

Columbia Life Network provided Rebecca with a referral to Bethany Christian Services Safe Families for Children program where she was connected to a family that provided Rebecca a respite and watched
Blessings as well as transportation to seek medical care for her knee. As a result of seeing a doctor a benign tumor was found and a medical procedure scheduled to remove it.

Today Rebecca has made a full recovery and has complete mobility thanks to the timely and appropriate referral made by Columbia Life Network.

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